Be a Better Leader in 10 Days with CrewLAB

"In rowing, a coach's observation is crucial for providing external feedback...

We'll incorporate a holistic view of development, mirroring the comprehensive approach taken when coaching rowing."

Drew Ginn
Four Time AUS Olympian & Triple Gold Medalist


This workbook is a reflective excercise designed to help you grow as a leader and achieve ambitious goals with your team.

We developed this in partnership with Olympic Champion Drew Ginn - it is distilled from decades of coaching, and hundreds of hours spent with the worlds best.

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Here's an example of one of the days:

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Take action - improve your leadership with CrewLAB

Sure, leaders can use any number of free tools to guide their teams… our customers have found out that there's an easier way.

We put everything in a simple platform designed for sports teams.

  • Athletes love a familiar social interface with streaks and leaderboards
  • Coaches love saving time with everything in one place and awesome insights along the way.

if you’re interested in checking it out, it’s 3 easy clicks to get started for free.


“I believe that CrewLAB solves problems that have stood the test of time...helping your teammates, maximizing performance, and improving the outcomes of all the efforts that go into training.”

Drew Ginn
Four time AUS Olympian & Triple Gold Medalist

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